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OMP M4417

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OMP Smart Charger With Surge Protection 3.5A 2 USB Charger Ports

  • USB 5V 3500m Amp Smart Charger ports with built in over current protection
  • Piggy back 3pin power socket to allow you to use wall socket uninterrupted with surge protection
  • Protects all home and office entertainment electrical equipment from damaging spikes, surges and line noise
  • Surge protection 525 joules (N-L-E175J)
  • Spike protection 18,000 amps
  • Clamping Voltage 710V
  • Response time < 1 nanosecond
  • Includes EMI/RFI filter, Power status indicator lights
  • 2 USB 5V 3500m Amp
  • $50,000 Connected equipment Warranty
  • SAA Approval 131673EA Z907
  • Complies with relevant AS/NZS Standards

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