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A bit of History

ABTEC MD Ashley Burrell has been in car audio for over 30 years. Ashley reckons his ‘history’ is of no interest. But his brother and a couple of mates reckons it might appeal to those in the business. So if you are one of those and you’re interested, read on.

Ashley started in 1982, in Aussie. Precision Installations, owned by John Roditis back then. Any wonder it doesn’t exist any longer with 80% discounts.

This magazine is still published. Cunning Aussies didn’t put a date on the cover but we found inside it was printed sometime in 1988. We also found an article by Don Norris, who was a clever bloke and something of a respected part-time journalist on the subject.

Here’s Don’s article’s on installing a sound system and who is the installer??? Why, it’s young Ashley Burrell. Note the hair, the shorts and a pair of legs that would make a flamingo blush.

His sales talent was later noted by JVC who hired him as sales manager in 1991.

Here's some Aussie retail of the times: shop fronts; some mad idea about a sale starting at midnight that worked!; the back end of some tank where the sheilas sat while the boys were shopping for bass.

After the legs were exposed Ashley had to leave town – they reached New Zealand. Here he set up Abtec. The first company car was pure used-Datsun with modest modifications. The second was an Escort. The third pales alongside the boss and his bro (Darryl Burrell).

Leap forward over 30 years to 2012 - the showroom in Hutt City.

Relocated in 2013 - New showroom and workshop in Petone.

Showroom and workshop renovation 2016 - Abtec Petone

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