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About Abtec Audio Lounge

Like you we at Abtec are car & home audio enthusiasts

We asked around to discover what fellow enthusiasts like. So when we established our on-line shop we stocked Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Fusion and other famous and popular brands. And just so everybody’s provided for we recently added high-end DD Audio components to our on-line catalogue.

Then we asked our audio customers “what else do you need?” They said “vehicle security” so we included AVS and Uniden on our product list. When GPS came along Tom Tom and Navman joined our range. And there are even more products that aren’t car audio on Such is the crazy world we live in.

Another thing our customers like about Abtec is that they can rely on us still being here tomorrow because we were thinking long-term when we started in 1993. So our word is as good as the warranties on the products we sell.

If you’re wondering why we’ve got a Computer Health Check and Service it’s because much of the audio and GPS equipment now have hard drives. They’re basically computers. And that means a special expertise is needed from time to time – like doing GPS software updates. Well, we have it on staff and he’s called Dr Den. Not a real doctor you understand but a computer specialist who can also repair PCs. This is the sort of service you should get from real enthusiasts.

For those who want installation help, check out This is a national network of over 120 car audio and security installers. The site also has downloadable owner’s manuals for over 25 brands.

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