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Mongoose TTP Canbus

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GSM Text Pager For Your Toyota
Get warning text messages if your alarm sounds or your battery is low.

The Mongoose TTP GSM alarm/status pager is only suitable for Toyota passenger cars manufactured after 2009.

"WARNING:- ALARM ACTIVATED" This message will be sent if your car has a car alarm fitted or a door is opened by means other than the factory remote/key

"WARNING:- VEHICLE BATTERY LOW" This message will be sent automatically if the vehicle battery is removed or drops below its normal operating voltage.

"WARNING:- BACK-UP BATTERY LOW" The pager has its own battery back-up (9v alkaline) and the battery needs changing.

''STATUS REPORT" How often have you thought 'did I lock the car?' No longer a problem, just text the car and its reply tells you whether the vehicle is locked or unlocked. It also tells you the total distance travelled.

''ODO REPORT" This message is sent every 1,000 kilometres to confirm the total distance the vehicle has recorded. This report can be programmed on or off.


Pulse output - eg: Unlock your doors by a text message if remote or door key not present
Continuous output - eg: Text controlled engine immobiliser (starter motor recommended)
- Status blue LED
- Pin code password protected
- Standby power saving modes
- Very low power consumption with battery back-up
- Hi-gain flat on-glass antenna
- Programmed by simple text messages from your mobile phone
- Only suitable for Toyota canbus equipped cars

NOTE: GSM SIM card required - not included. Use only Vodafone in NZ.

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