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FireStone Audio Big Joe HD

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40 Watt DAC power Amplifier, inputs Coaxial optical USb (Firecute series)

The BigJoe HD is a must for anybody who likes great sound and does not have a lot of room.Plug it into your Laptop via the supplied USB cable connect BigJoe HD to normal speakers not active like the those cheap computer speakers and sit back and be blown away with the power and the sound

Firestone Audio now abbreviated to FSA has a brand new product from the Cute Series called BigJoe HD that is a 40 watt per channel power amplifier with a built advanced 24-bit/192kHz DAC.BigJoe HD includes four inputs Line 3.5 mm jack,Coaxial,Optical,USB.These are all featured on the front face plate and are highlighted once switched by the Source button that is also on the front panel.

BigJoe HD power switch is also on the front.
This is a fantastic product to use on your desktop as you can listen to stored music on your computer via USB and the built in DAC.You can change the source quickly by pushing the source button and listen to a streaming service.
Another great way to use this product is with your TV.Connect to your Digital out feed it into your optical source in connect decent speakers to the Bigjoe HD and you have great sound.Incidentally Speaker connectors are provided and are terminated with banana plugs.

Desk-Top Audio DAC and 40 Watt per channel amplifier
Four Sources.Source switch on Front
Power indicator and switch mounted on the front.
Large volume control
Compact with low profile
Very efficient low power usage
Four input sources Analog input 3.5 mm,Coaxial,Optical,USB
Output your phone and input it into BigJoe HD via 3.5 mm line in
Black front Face plate
Ethernet Banana speaker connections
Solid Aluminium construction

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