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Epson ELP-MB25

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Ceiling Mount for Epson Z Series Projectors

Ceiling Mount ELPMB25 for Epson Z Series Projectors (flush).

Suits Products:
Epson EB-Z8050W, Epson EB-Z8000WU, Epson EB-Z10000 / EB-Z10005, Epson EB-Z8150, Epson EB-Z8350W / EB-Z8355W, Epson EB-Z8450WU / EB-Z8455WU, Epson EB-Z11005NL, Epson EB-Z11000NL, Epson EB-Z11000WNL, Epson EB-Z9900WNL, Epson EB-Z10005UNL, Epson EB-Z10000UNL, Epson EB-Z9870UNL, Epson EB-Z9750UNL,

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