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Dynamat Extreme Bulk Pack - 10455

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Dynamat Sound Dampening



When it comes to making your hot rod ride like a luxury car, Dynamat does the job. Dynamat is used by the world's top hot rod and custom builders because they know it makes their cars ride cool and quiet. Dynamat makes cars feel solid - doors and trunks slam snug, rain and wind virtually disappear and your interior becomes a quiet, comfortable cruising environment.

Use Dynamat on the interior sheet metal of your vehicle to stop vibration and reduce road noise. Add a Dynamat brand thermo acoustic liners- such as Dynaliner, Extremeliner, Tac Mat or DynaPad to fight heat and low frequency hums from big engines and exhaust systems - and you've got the ultimate ride. Dynamat is the ultimate automotive accessory.

Kit contains nine 18" x 32" pieces of Dynamat Xtreme for rear decks doors floors and trunk floors. Unlike Dynamat

Original Dynamat Xtreme is also recommended for trunk lids roofs, quarter panels, under-hood installations and multi-purpose use.

Application: Use on rear decks, doors, floors and the floor of your trunk to get more bass, more music, lower road noise and better sound

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