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Denon DCD-2020 - (We no longer stock this product)

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Reference CD/Super Audio CD Player - We no longer stock this product

(We no longer stock this Product)

Overview With more than 100 years of company heritage, Denon has never stopped pushing the frontiers on classic 2-channel HiFi. The result is the company’s new top of the range power amplifier PMA-2020AE and CD/SACD Player DCD-2020AE. Both sum up all of the engineers’ dedication and know-how within their beautifully shaped bodies. The DCD-2020AE is a Super Audio CD player that lets you enjoy not only CDs but also sound sources from a PC or portable audio device such as an iPhone in high audio quality. On the rear panel is a USB-B port that lets you connect a PC and enjoy music files from it through the sophisticated audio circuitry of the DCD-2020AE, while on the front panel is a USB-A port that lets you do the same with music stored on an iPhone, iPod, or USB memory. Impeccable sound quality from the DCD-2020AE is possible thanks to hallmark Denon audio technologies such as Advanced AL32 Processing, DAC Master Clock design, Disc Drive Mechanism, and Direct Mechanical Ground Construction. Specifications -Advanced AL32 Processing + Ultra Precision 192kHz/32bit D/A Converter -DAC Master Clock Circuit Design to suppress jitter and noise -Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to minimize unwanted vibration -Carefully designed construction, minimum signal paths and selected Hi-Fi parts to preserve audio signal purity -Original drive mechanism, the heart of Denon’s digital disc playback technology, with S.V.H. loader -Twin Transformer for separated digital and analogue power supply -Pure Direct Mode -Front USB input: iPod / iPhone digital compatible, supports USB mass storage device -Rear USB-B input: asynchronous mode and 192kHz/24bit capable (dedicated driver available under "Downloads & Manuals") -SPDIF input (optical/coaxial) for upgrading other equipment Click here for more Specifications

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