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Sound Deadener Sheets 6 Sheets

Self adhesive sound deadening sheets with aluminum foil heat shield

Size: 300mm x 300mm per sheet
Pack size: 6 Sheets per pack
Total area coverage: 600 x 900mm
Thickness: 2mm
Packaging: Heat sealed blister and card with 3 hang holes
Weight: 1.57kg Per pack

Packaging: Heat sealed blister with 3 hang holes
2 cards needed.
Backing card and inner insert to slide in front of the product.

Please note: inner card is cut on an angle so product can be seen on the right hand top corner.
Master barcode sticker stuck on both ends of box where model number & packing details are rinted.

Please check JPG file to make sure it matches

1. Remove interior upholstery, trims or 117.
2. Remove loose debris, dirt and grease to ensure sound deadener is stuck to a clean surface.
3. Cut DNA Designer Audio Sound Deadener to desired size. Be sure to allow for door trim plugs and clips to be re-fitted. Do not cover mechanical devices, wires and drain plugs.
4. If the weather is less than 18

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