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DD Audio 510-D4

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10" 500 Series DVC Subwoofer

Digital Designs 10" 500 Series Subwoofer

The new 510 and 512 woofers bring DD impact and durability to the most affordable price ranges we've ever offered. You still get the hand built, high performance quality at a price within every budget.

The 500 Series was designed to optimize performance from amplifiers in the 100-300 watt RMS range. Not everyone is going to try to crush their tonsils with the latest bass jacked MP3, but that doesn't mean one should have to settle for lower quality parts or design.

The 500 series woofers benefit from the highest quality parts available, close production tolerances, and hand built quality as do all DD woofers. The motor and moving systems have been designed to get higher efficiency from lower powered systems.

We found ways to reduce mass from the cone, surround, spiders and voice coil which raises the efficiency on a given level of power. The suspension stiffness and excursion capability were carefully dialed in through many real world test samples. The result is a very fast woofer capable of delivering surprising output from modest power sources.

The 500s feature multiple layers of durable cloth in the spider system, our exclusive laminated lead wires into the spider layers, double laminated half-roll surround, non-pressed cone and a motor system modeled after the 3500 Series woofers.

The 510 and 512 are very easy to use in vented, sealed, and band-pass boxes and are the perfect presents in gift boxes. Now there aren't any excuses to get a DD system in every car.
Enclosure info

Optimized for 100-300 watt systems
Laminated surround
Double stack magnets
High-temp voice coil
Laminated tinsel leads
Hand-built quality
Rubber Magnet Boot

Voice Coil Diameter "2" 2.0"
Magnet Weight "2" 90 oz
Power Handling
RMS/Peak 250/1200
Suspension 50 mm
4.0 Ohm
DC Resistance 3.4 Ohm

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