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Boston Acoustics MSurroundB

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Boston Acoustics Surround Speakers MSurroundB - BMSURB-Black

Upgrade your home theater system and enjoy exceptional surround sound with the Boston Acoustics Surround Speaker MSurroundB. Along with a 3.5-inch polypropylene cone woofer, the MSurround features a 2.5-inch Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver for consistent sound across a wide audio range. The speaker is short enough to fit easily on shelves and walls and has ports on top to limit proximity effect and optimize performance over a wide range of placement options.

Boston Acoustics Surround Speaker MSurroundB At a Glance: 2.5-inch BMR driver for optimal sound across a broad range Short cabinet for easier placement on shelves and walls Four-way brackets to facilitate easy mounting Ports on top Balanced Mode Radiator Driver for Optimal Surround Sound The Boston Acoustics Surround Speaker MSurroundB features Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver technology, designed to improve dialog and surround effects across a broad listening range. The 2.5-inch BMR driver uses a flat panel diaphragm that operates in two modes simultaneously. To reproduce lower frequencies, the diaphragm moves in and out like a pistonsimilar to how a traditional driver works. To reproduce higher frequencies, the diaphragm bends.

These two modes of operation significantly extend the usable range of the driver, resulting in enhanced high-frequency dispersion for more consistent surround sound. A low crossover point delivers clear sound reproduction in midrange frequencies where the human ear is most sensitive. The speaker also contains a 3.5-inch polypropylene cone woofer for dynamic bass.

Short Cabinet for Easy Placement Because it uses a BMR driver, the MSurround is shorter than typical speakers with a stacked tweeter and midrange. As a result, it can more easily fit on a shelf under a display or hang on a wall. In addition, the MSurround is equipped with four-way brackets to facilitate easy mounting.

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