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Aerpro APA60

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Antenna adapter to suit selected audi vehicles with dual diversity fakra plugs

Some vehicles are fitted with a specific style of antenna plug, this can make upgrading to an aftermarket headunit a bit tricky. Aerpro antenna adapters simply plug into the vehicles specific antenna plug and convert it to a standard plug (DIN) which is suitable for most aftermarket headunits.

-Converts Vehicle Antenna Plug to DIN Plug
-Suits Most Aftermarket Headunits
-Plug and Play Installation
-Suitable for Both AM and FM Radio
-Utilises Both Antennas Fitted to Vehicle (Dual Diversity)
-Includes Both Combined and Separate Plugs
-Antenna Amplifier Trigger Wire

Vehicles known to work with this product
-Volkswagen Amarok 2011-2015
-Volkswagen EOS 2007-
-Volkswagen Golf 2009-2013 MK6
-Volkswagen Jetta 2006-2015
-Volkswagen Passat 2006-2015
-Volkswagen Touareg 2004-2010
-Volkswagen Tiguan 2008-2014
-Volkswagen Transporter T5 2010-2015
-Volkswagen Passat 2006-2012 (wagon)
-Volkswagen Golf 2004-2009 MK5
-Peugeot 308 2008-2014 T7
-Skoda Octavia 2007-2013
-Skoda Yeti 2011-2014
-Volkswagen Beetle 2012-
-Audi A1 2011- (8X)
-Volkswagen Golf 2013- MK7
-Volkswagen Polo 2010-2014
-Volkswagen Polo 2015-
-Volkswagen Polo 2006-2009
-Volkswagen Transporter T6 2016-
-Volkswagen Tiguan 2015-
-Landrover Range Rover 2011- Evoque
-Porsche 911 2004-2008 (997)
-Porsche Boxster/Cayman 2004-2009 (987)
-Volkswagen Caddy 2005-2015
-Volkswagen Caddy 2015-
-Skoda Supurb 2009-2015

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