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Siren Key

Some AVS car alarms have a data battery back-up siren or standard battery back-up siren. These sirens are designed to continue to sound even if a would-be thief cuts power to it and so they come with 2 x siren keys that allow you to turn off the siren noise if you need to change the car's battery, or if the car battery goes flat.

Replacement keys can be purchased for both types of siren but some conditions apply.

Data battery back-up siren

AVS Star Rated alarms have a data battery back-up siren. This includes the AVS S-Series car alarms (AVS S5, S4, S3) and A4 car alarm. The siren key will have a 4-digit number printed on it (it should also have been recorded in your owner's manual and emergency override code card). If you know this number you can order a replacement key. If you do not know the 4-digit number it is not possible to order a replacement key for this siren.

If you do know the number please enter it in the 'Siren Key Number' field above.

Battery back-up siren

The AVS 3010+ car alarm has a battery back-up siren. Earlier car alarm models including the AVS 4601 and AVS 5000i also had these sirens. There are various keys depending on the age of the siren, the code will be printed on the key. To order a siren key for these sirens please enter the code in the 'Siren Key Number' field above.

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