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4.3″ OEM Replacement LCD Mirror Monitor Range

The AVS RM43B is our range of premium replacement rear view mirror monitors.

The super bright screen provides true OEM quality with the advantage of adding reversing safety and convenience. They are compatible with most makes and models of vehicles with various mounting options.

The brilliant 1500cd/m2 4.3” screen is one of the brightest available on the market. With a built-in ambient light sensor and high reflectivity this LCD monitor will show a clear and bright image in all lighting conditions.

When the car is put in reverse the camera image automatically comes up on the monitor. Otherwise it looks and performs like a factory mirror. The monitor has dual video inputs so can be connected to a camera and other video source (such as an in-car DVD player) or to a second camera.
Your installer will choose a model with a mount that matches the factory fit of your vehicle. The wiring duct ensures a tidy, factory look finish to your installation.

Each model in the RM43B range features:

 Premium 4.3″ OEM quality replacement rear view high resolution colour LCD mirror monitor
 Brilliant 1500 cd/m2 screen is one of the brightest available on the market today
 OEM design with wide screen display
 Highly reflective mirror
 LCD brightness auto adjustment for a clear and bright image whether it is a sunny day or dark night
 Fully adjustable display settings
 When the vehicle is in reverse gear the mirror will automatically switch to display the camera image on the left of the mirror
 Two auto-switching RCA video inputs so the monitor can be connected to a camera and other video source (such as an in-car DVD player) or to a second camera
 Suitable for 12 volt vehicles
 One year product warranty when professionally installed
 Will accept both PAL and NTSC format cameras
 OEM bracket arm with interchangeable base plate or interchangeable bracket arm models mean there is a mounting option to suit most vehicle makes and models (a small additional charge will apply if your vehicle requires a non standard plate or arm)
 Wiring duct for a tidy, OEM finish to the installation
 Connect to any AVS colour safety camera
 Dimensions: 270mmL x 80mmH x 45mmD
Models include: AVS RM43B, AVS RM43B-RANGER, AVS RM43B-ARM (plus see the AVS RM43B-DVR which includes an in-built 1080P HD dash camera and recorder)

Vehicle specific base plates include:

 RMB19 – #19 – Comes standard with the AVS RM43B/RM43B-DVR. Suitable for most Toyota (see #97 for Corolla) and Ford models (including the Ford Ranger XL). Also suitable for some Kia, Hyundai, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet (also refer to #96) models.
 RMB36 – #36 – Comes standard with the AVS RM43B-RANGER. Suitable for the Ford Ranger XLT.
 RMB91 – #91 – Suitable for Mercedes Sprinter. Also suitable for some Renault, Citreon, and Peugeot models (also refer to #93).
 RMB93 – #93 – Suitable for some Renault, Citroen, and Peugeot models (also refer to #91).
 RMB94 – #94 – Suitable for VW and Skoda models.
 RMB95 – #95 – Suitable for most Fiat models.
 RMB96 – #96 – Suitable for some Chevrolet models.
 RMB97 – #97 – Suitable for Toyota Corolla models. Also refer to #91 for other Toyota models.

Vehicle specific bracket arms include:

- RMA1 & RMA1B – #1 & #1B – Suitable for Ford, Buick, Lexus, Toyota, some Kia, Hyundai, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet.
- RMA2 – #2 – Suitable for Honda series: Accord, Civic, City, Fit, Odyssey, etc. Subaru series; Suzuki Mitsubishi Galant, etc.
- RMA7 – #7 – Comes standard with the - RM43B-ARM. Suitable for Ssangyong, Hyundai and Kia.
- RMA19C – Suitable for most Toyota, Ford models, and Partial Kia/Hyundai/Honda/Mazda/Nissan/Mitsubishi/Chevrolet models.
- RMA22 – #22 – Suitable for Nissan NV200, Honda City.
- RMA25 – #25 – Suitable for Audi A4/A4L/A6/A6L/Q3/Q5/Q7, VW Passat.
- RMA27 – #27 – Suitable for BMW 3/5/7 Series, BMW X1/X2/X6, Land Rover Discover / Evoque / Freelander, Porsche Cayenne.
- RMA30 – #30 – Suitable for LDV, Renault.
- RMA97C – #97C – Suitable for Toyota Corolla.

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