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Fiio E10K-TC

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FiiO E10K-TC USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier.

>Latest Generation XMOS XU208 USB Chip.

>Advanced PCM5102 DAC Chip.

>High-Current Amp Circuit.

>USB Type-C Connector.

>Headphone Output.

>Line-out, Coaxial Out.

>Two Gain Levels.

>Bass Boost Switch.

>Blue LED Indicator.

>Output Power: >/= 200mW(32 Ohm).

>SNR: >/=114dB.

>Coaxial Out: Up to 192kHz/24-bit.

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Recommended Headphone Impedance: 16 ohm-150 ohm.

FiiO has introduced its latest USB Type-C variant for the famous E10K USB DAC/Headphone Amp, the brand-new FiiO E10K Type-C. FiiO has adopted a premium XMOS XU208 USB Signal Receiver chip that is paired with a PCM5102 DAC chip enabling support for high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM signal decoding. It has a high-current amp circuit to bring the best out of your connected headphones/IEMs with its powerful output.

Flagship-Grade XMOS Chip & High-Quality PCM DAC:-

FiiO has featured an advanced PCM5102 audio signal decoding chip with the latest E10K TC. It is paired to a flagship-grade XMOS XU208 USB transmitter ensuring support for high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM signal decoding with the device. Open your doors to high-resolution audio decoding with ultimate performance with the latest FiiO E10K TC.

Powerful Output With High-Current Amplification Circuit:-

FiiO E10K Type-C has a specially designed high-current amplification circuit. This high-current amplification circuit helps the device to produce high output power with ultra-low distortion and low noise-floor. Use your high-resolution IEMs/Headphones with the E10K Type-C for a powerful experience.

Two-Level Gain & Bass Boost Switch:-

FiiO E10K Type-C has a two-level gain switch that users can use to adjust the output for high and low-sensitivity IEMs/headphones. High-gain mode increases the current in the amplification circuit resulting in better power for high-impedance headphones. The bass boost switch is here to get that extra punch we all love in the lower end.

Up To Date With Latest Type-C USB Connector:-

Most of the gadgets today including smartphones, music players, DAC/AMPs have switched from micro-USB to the latest Type-C USB port. The E10k Type-C has a USB Type-C connector that upgrades its USB Audio Class to 2.0 for smooth connectivity and performance.


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