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2 Channel Amplifier

SD2 2 channel amplifier does an insane 400 watts at 2 at 4 ohms, 620×2 at 2 ohms and Bridged the amplifier does 1250×1 at 4 ohms mono.

The Sinister amplifiers use superior performance circuitry by utilizing Wet Sounds exclusive Class D Power Supplies combined with Wet Sounds MAXED™ Power supply.
The MAXED power supply is a patent pending technology designed to provide high efficiency levels never thought to be achievable in a mobile audio amplifier. 

What this means to you..  Less current draw, less strain on the electrical system, less generated heat.  All this results in more play time!

The Sinister amplifiers share one size full cast aluminum chassis for all models making installation a breeze and the ability to have a clean install.

Full Range Class D Amplifier
Output Power (RMS) @ 1% 1000Hz 14.4V CEA 2006
Stereo @ 4 Ohms    2 x 400 Watts @ 58A
Stereo @ 2 Ohms    2 x 620 Watts @ 107A
Mono @ 4 Ohms    1 x 1250 Watts @ 108A
Frequency Response    3dB – 8 Hz – 50 kHz
Crossover Range High and Low Pass    30Hz – 300Hz 12dB/Octave
Bass Boost    0-12.5dB @ 27Hz – 110Hz
S/N Ratio (A wtg)    >83dB >110dB
Input Sensitivity    Low Level 0.2V – 4.1V
Remote Level Range    0 db to -61 db
15.6V Overvolt Protection
Dimensions Inches ( L x W x H )    19 1/2″ x 8″ x 2 3/8″


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