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Fiio FH7

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4 BA 1 Dynamic Driver Flagship In Ear Monitors

The Fiio FH7; making big waves from tiny ripples.

Exquisite traditional craftsmanship

The shell of the FH7's recalls nature – specifically, the ferocity and dominance of great water waves.

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
The FH7's shell is made of aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, shaped by five-axis CNC machining.

4 Knowles BA drivers
The high and ultra-high frequencies are handled by the Knowles SWFK-31736 BA driver and the mid frequency is handled by Knowles DFK -- a custom BA driver designed by FiiO and Knowles.

13.6mm dynamic driver
The low frequency is handled by the 13.6mm large dynamic driver which is made of beryllium, known for being light, thin, yet extremely rigid for even deeper, explosive bass.

S.TURBO acoustic design
On the FH7 is the next generation of FiiO's patented acoustic design – S.TURBO V2.0, further optimized to extract even more performance out of the dynamic driver.

Exotic-inspired sound tubes
The FH7 utilizes a complex crossover design which allowing extremely accurate crossover tuning that enables the five drivers to work together to their maximum potential, with an extremely coherent and smooth frequency response.

Exotic-inspired acoustic structure
The FH7 employs an exceptionally rigid three-point structure to greatly reduce unwanted resonance and distortion, for the purest sound possible.

Pursuit of great sound
The FH7 once again raises the bar for what FiiO can do – high-end drivers in a cleverly engineered acoustical design that makes for a sound well-suited for all kinds of music.

3 pairs of sound filters
Give your ears a jolt with the right sound. We realize that everybody has their own ideal sound, so we give you 3 pairs of carefully-designed sound filters to get the FH7 sounding exactly the way you want it.

8 strands of high-purity silver wires
The FH7 cable is composed of high-purity Litz monocrystalline copper-plated silver wires – 152 of them in fact, bundled into 8 strands. We're serious about getting you the best possible sound with the FH7.

Color-coded MMCX connectors
The MMCX connectors are slightly expanded as well as color-coded – blue left, red right – to help you easily change cables. This is just one of the many details of the FH7 specifically designed to make it comfortable to use.

A diverse ecology of accessories
Every single need of yours is covered with the wealth of accessories available for the FH7, even included with 3 pairs of SpinFit eartips – these freely swivel 360 degrees to help you easily get a good fit to your ear, as well as enhance both the bass and treble.

- Driver: 1 dynamic + 4 BA (Knowles)
- Impedance: 16Ω
- Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated
- Frequency range: 5Hz – 40kHz
- Sensitivity: 111 dB/mW
- Rated Power: 100mW
- Length: 120cm
- Weight: 8.15g

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