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8 Gauge Wiring Kit

The Connect 10 kit contains all of the necessary cables, fuses and accessories required for installing an amplifier in the car. 10 mm² power and ground cables are perfectly suited for a peak output of up to 800 watts - which is more than adequate for a powerful amplifier! A high quality speaker cable and RCA cable are also included. These components are supplemented by a fuse holder with a 50 amp fuse and all of the necessary installation accessories.


Power cable, red, 5 m/10 mm²

Control cable, blue, 5 m/1 mm²

Ground cable brown, 1 m/25 mm²

Transparent loudspeaker cables, 8 m/1.5 mm²

RCA audio cable, 5 m, double shielded, encapsulated connector

Fuse holder with 50 A fuse

Installation accessories


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