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High-end 2-way loudspeaker (sold as pair)


Inspired by classic models, the "Direkt" high-end two-way loudspeakers are custom-made in the Heco laboratory! A 25 cm subwoofer with a kraft paper diaphragm and extremely low-distortion drive is responsible for a crisp and precise bass, supported by a generous volume of air and two downfire reflex tubes. Combined with the high-energy silk cone with a particularly strong double-magnet drive and solid-aluminium wave-control horn, a finely balanced, dynamic soundscape is produced with a crystal clear and direct vocal range. On account of its excellent efficiency and linearised impedance characteristics, the Direkt harmonises perfectly not only with high-quality transistor amplifiers, but also with delicate tube amplifiers. The sloping flat enclosure in a dual-colour stripe design provides for visual highlights, while solid metal feet ensure optimum weight distribution thanks to the three-point mounting.



-2 way speaker, bass refley

-275 mm bass/mid-range loudspeaker

-30 mm tweeter

-Stylish semi-matt lacquer finish with contrasting double stripes on the front

-Solidly built, multiple strutted MDF flat enclosure with attractive curves

-Specially designed all-metal foot construction for an

-absolutely stable base, three-point mounting for perfect weight distribution

-Floor-protecting rubber feet and all-metal spikes included

-Double bass-reflex design with bi-directional airflow-optimized rounded downfire tubes for maximum bass effect

-High-end high-efficiency two-way floor-standing loudspeakers

-Large two-way system with particularly high efficiency for excellent dynamics

-Can be combined optimally with transistor and tube amplifiers from 10 watts per channel

-Attractive flat-design enclosure, floating appearance through all-metal design foot construction

-Magnet systems linearized with the high-tech Klippel measuring system for ideal symmetry and minimal distortions

-Cabinet 440 x 900 x 200 (230 incl. Terminal) mm

-Incl. foot construction 440 x 998 x 397 mm

-Especially efficiency and gentle roll-off-optimized woofer midrange with Kraft paper diaphragm, lightweight dust-protection cone, low-loss rubber surround and highly durable voice coil in a stable die-cast aluminum cage

-Newly developed tweeter with particularly high efficiency through the 28mm silk compound cone, solid aluminium front panel with high-efficiency wave-control horn geometry and powerful double magnet system

-High-quality all-metal connector terminal with stable,

-gold-plated high-end screw terminals

-Linearized impedance curve with very littlefluctuation for optimum behavior on tube andtransistor amplifiers from 10 watts per channel

-High-quality all-metal connector terminal with stable,gold-plated high-end screw terminals



-30 mm tweeter

-275 mm bass/mid-range loudspeaker

-2 way speaker, bass refley

-Power Handling (RMS/Max) 200 / 320 Watts

-Sensitivity (2.8V/1m) 95 dB

-Impedance 4 – 8 Ohms

-Frequency response 25 - 28.000 Hz

-Crossover frequencies 2.350 Hz

-Recommended Amplifier Output 10 – 320 Watts

-Dimensions (WxHxD) Cabinet 440 x 900 x 200 (230 incl. Terminal) mm Incl. foot construction 440 x 998 x 397 mm

-Weight 25,8 kg

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