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DD Audio DX6X9

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DX6x9 Coaxial Speakers

The D Class 6×9 Coaxial Speakers are high tech, high fidelity speakers designed for the listener wanting to go well beyond the standard factory upgrade. Woofer: Our focus on sound quality starts with precision motor assemblies. The machined magnet gaps driven with high energy strontium magnets provide strong output from a compact design. We incorporated distortion reducing copper shorting rings for flux modulation and inductance control. The coated paper cones achieve wide bandwidth and a smooth tonal quality. The compressed rubber surrounds are durable and have been optimized for light weight to increase sensitivity. Tweeter: The tweeter side of the D Class coaxial is our T2 25mm ultra-light diaphragm tweeter. This new diaphragm is less than 0.003 of an inch thick; that’s almost nothing of a mm. This proprietary fabric is so thin it’s virtually see through, well, actually it is see through. The ultra-light dome is coupled to a low-distortion neo motor. We also used a high tolerance mylar capacitor for the built in high pass crossover allowing the T2 tweeter to effortlessly exude crystal clear highs. Specifications: - Driver Size 6x9 - Watts RMS 50-150 - Impedance S4 - Frequency Response - Hz 40-25k - dBSPL 91 - Mounting Diameter - in 5 31/32 x 8 5/8 - Mounting Depth - in 2 12/32 - Shipping Weight - lbs 8

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