The Ultimate in Vehicle Security!


If you want the ultimate in car security you can’t go past the AVS S5 car alarm, it’s our biggest selling alarm model. And now you can get hold of the limited edition AVS S5-R3, only from Abtec, which comes with three remote controls.

Let’s face it, you’re using that remote every day so it’s the make or break point for how you feel about your alarm. And we reckon AVS has got the run on the competition with their waterproof remote (yes it is actually waterproof, chuck it in a bucket of water, and it’ll still work when you fetch it back out). Plus it’s a nice, clean shape with easy to understand and use buttons. Not only do we use these remotes ourselves but we know they are good simply because we’re not selling replacements day in and day out. That’s why we figured we’d release a limited edition with the extra waterproof remote.

The AVS S5 is also well thought out when it comes to Kiwis and the cars they like to drive. Turbo car? No problem, the alarm has on board turbo timer (a super secure way to have a turbo timer hooked up) or it can interface with one if you already have it on the car. Factory remote? No problem, you can choose if you’d rather control the alarm with your factory remote and save the hassle of yet another device on your keyring. Do you want all the extra bells and whistles? No problem, the alarm can be upgraded with tilt sensors, screamer sirens, GPS tracking etc plus it has a host of programmable features that we can set up for you.

Oh and yes, it is has some pretty fine security features too. It’s NZ/Australian certified with a Five Star NZSA Rating plus of course it’s a 5 Star alarms authorised product. And it also offers more than the minimum with triple immobilisation and a data battery back-up siren. Plus it comes as standard with both an intelligent glass break sensor and dual stage shock sensor. The shock sensor will auto adjust if you’re parked somewhere noisy to reduce false triggers. And because the installation of any alarm plays a big part in how well it can perform you know with Abtec you’re getting a top end install to boot.

Our MD Ashley has been in car security for 30 years and he’s seen car alarms come and go over that time. Here’s a list of some of the brands he has installed or supplied over that time.

  • Anti Theft
  • AudioVox
  • Autowatch
  • AVS
  • AWA
  • Clifford
  • Cobra
  • CODE
  • Cyclops
  • Dynatron
  • Magicar
  • MED Alarms
  • Mongoose
  • Python
  • Steel Stopper
  • Steelshield
  • Stinger
  • Uniden
  • Viper

And the AVS S5 has the Abtec stamp of approval. So get one in your car today – and don’t forget to ask for the limited edition AVS S5-R3 with the extra remote!

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