KEF Gravity One Porsche Speaker

Surround yourself with superior sound when you use the KEF Gravity One Porsche Speaker. This one-of-a-kind speaker brings together the iconic design of Porsche Design with the technical knowledge of KEF. The result is a show-stopping Bluetooth device in a compact and portable package.

The Gravity One Speaker achieves stunning sound without skimping on the details. Measuring just 8.5 inches long, you can easily pack it on any trip. In addition, the powerful acoustics are sure to fill any room with hi-fi audio. With the signature Uni-Q driver, the Gravity One Speaker disperses audio in a full 360 degrees.

Finally, every single detail of this audio system has been systematically and thoughtfully made.

Even with the full range of audio, the Gravity One Speaker has a twin force-cancelling auxiliary bass. This weeds out any distortion for pure sound.

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KEF Gravity One Porsche Speaker

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