Digital Designs DXB-01.1 Ear-buds Review

Yet again Digital Designs have upped the quality of a product I didn’t even think they could improve any more, with the DD-DXB-01 being superseded by the NEW DD-DXB-01.1!

The sound quality of the DD-DXB-01.1 has been lifted to a new level when compared to the older DD-DXB-01 and this is no surprise when you take into consideration the housings are now made of Bubinga hardwood.

This makes perfect sense to change the housings to wood over plastic too, as the best sounding speakers I’ve have ever heard have always been in wooden boxes. Also using a dense hardwood enhances the low frequencies while smoothing upper frequency vibrations that cause the overly bright tones often found in mass produced, plastic housings.

To top things off the DD-DXB-01.1 now come with a built-in microphone which makes them perfect for use with smart-phones (iPhone/Android) and also have a mute button on the lead which is makes it a touch easier to have a conversation without the need of removing your EarbuDDs (As Digital Designs call them).


Driver 8mm dynamic
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance 16 Ohms
Magnet neo
Model DXB-1.1
Sensitivity 101 dB
Shipping Weight 1 pound
Type 8mm dynamic element
Built-in microphone
Mute button
Tangle resistant cloth cables
Natural hemp fibre carry bag

Over the last month or so now I having been listening to A LOT of music on these EarbuDDs and and also the DD-DXB-01‘s too just so I can have a full comparison of the two units. I have found the DD-DXB-01.1 EarbuDDs to be a big improvement on the DD-DXB-01 EarbuDDs and I honestly think it comes down to the Wood Vs Plastic housings!

The DD-DXB-01.1 EarbuDDs still have the low bass that is to be expected from a Digital Designs product but now with even more clarity than ever before in the low, mid and high tones! On a final note it looks like I will have to buy a set of DD-DXB-01.1‘s to replace the ones I was using on loan as my partner has claimed them for herself!


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