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Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3

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HD Dash Camera

The AE-DN2016-F3 is the latest high definition (HD) 1080P dash camera from Hikvision (the world’s largest CCTV camera manufacturer). It comes with all the features you’d expect from a premium dash cam, all in a small, stylish package.

WiFi smartphone connectivity
The Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 dash cam has built in WiFi. When you start your car your smartphone will automatically connect to the camera’s WiFi enabling you to view live video, playback and download recorded video and snap shots, plus change camera settings via the Hik Dashcam app available for iOS and Android.

No LCD monitor
Most dash cams have an LCD monitor which can be distracting, especially while driving at night. The Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 dash cam has no monitor (instead it uses your smartphone to view) which allows the camera to be smaller and less intrusive.

Mini remote control
The Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 dash cam comes with a small (45mm diameter) remote button which makes taking snap shots a breeze and can mute audio recording. The button can be mounted on the vehicle dash or steering wheel using the supplied 3M mounting tape for easy access while driving. When the button is pushed the camera will save a 12-second file captured 6-seconds before the button pushed through to 6-seconds after the button push. The file is saved to a seperate folder on the SD card.

GPS built in
The Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 dash cam has a built in GPS receiver which overlays your vehicle’s location when playing back on the smartphone app plus it shows the vehicle’s speed on the recordings.

Green light voice prompt
Voice prompt alerts you when the traffic light turns green and you don’t start moving. Saves the embarrassing horn honks from drivers behind you! This feature can be switched off in camera settings.

Vehicle moving voice prompt
Voice prompt alerts you when the vehicle in front moves off and you don’t start moving forward. Saves the embarrassing horn honks from drivers behind you! This feature can be switched off in camera settings.

Speed limit sign prompt
The Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 dash camera can read speed limit signs to you helping you avoid speeding tickets. This feature can be switched off in camera settings.

Easy 10-second installation
The camera can be installed in as little as 10 seconds with the adjustable windscreen mount and magnetic quick connect.

Small size
The Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 dash camera is only 44.5mm x 44.5mm x 52mm in size so it is a lot less intrusive than many dash cam models when fitted to your windscreen. In most vehicles the camera can be mounted behind the rear view mirror to keep it out of the way.

G-sensor built in
The built in G-sensor detects a crash and stops important video from being overwritten.

Built in audio mic
The Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 has a built in audio mic so can record audio in the vehicle. This feature can be turned off permanently in the camera settings or can temporarily be switched off with the mini remote.

Capacitor back up power
The Hikvision dash camera has a capacitor for back up power rather than a Li-ion battery. Back up power is required to save files once the main power (vehicle ignition) is turned off. Capacitors are much safer than batteries as they will not swell up and leak which can damage the camera.


- 1080P (1920×1080) recording resolution @ 25FPS

- Great low light performance for night driving

- Wide angle lens (135* diagonal/115* horizontal viewing angle)

- Built in audio mic and speaker

- SD card recording, up to 128GB with automatic overwriting of oldest files

- Built in G-sensor for crash detection

- Capacitor back up power

Package includes - 1080P HD Hikvision dash camera - Windscreen mount with magnetic quick release - Cigarette socket USB adapter - Power cable - Micro remote and mounting kit - User manual Note: requires a micro SD card (128GB max). Purchase from any retailer or online from us – 16GB SD card or 32GB SD card

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