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Sony Hi-Res Media Receiver with Bluetooth

Experience digital music to the fullest with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bit-rate accuracy of each sample, High-Resolution Audio offers an uncompromised rendition of an artists music. Savour every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

Enjoy studio-quality sound, thanks to the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio codec designed specifically for High-Resolution Audio. This 1-bit format utilises a stream of very high frequency 1s and 0s to recreate audio waveforms at a higher resolution than conventional codecs. The result is clearer, crisper, High-Resolution Audio quality.

The highly-acclaimed ES9018S digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) ensures youll enjoy distortion-free signal processing and unmatched audio clarity. Powered by its own dedicated power circuit path, and with an unprecedented dynamic range, everything about the ES9018S is optimised to deliver clear, ultra-detailed audio.

Enjoy versatile, realistic audio thanks to circuitry from the MUSES 8920E high-end operation amp. Integrated into the RSX-GS9s analogue circuits, this component provides authentic depth and detail for everything you listen to, across a wide range of musical styles and genres.

DSEE HX (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) technology upgrades the quality of your compressed music files. When an original music source is compressed, you lose the high frequency elements of your music. DSEE HX restores this to produce high quality sound thats closer to the original recording.

The RSX-GS9s chassis boasts four times the rigidity of conventional head units, ensuring that external vibrations are prevented from causing distortion. The digital and analogue circuits have also been mounted in separate layers at the maximum distance apart, preventing the noise that can result from electromagnetic interference to ensure you enjoy premium in-car sound quality.

General Features
Pre Out - Front / Rear / Sub
Sub Out - Yes
High Voltage Pre Out - Yes
Aux-In - Yes(Front)
USB Yes(Type A: for Front / Rear, uB for Front)
Time Alignment Preset - Yes
Time Alignment Custom - Yes(Adjustable)
Rear Bass Enhancer - No
EQ - Yes(EQ10)
Loudness - Yes
High Pass Filter - Yes(OFF / 50 / 63 / 79 / 99 / 125 / 158 / 198 / 250[Hz])
Low Pass Filter - Yes(PCM:OFF / 50 / 63 / 79 / 99 / 125 / 158 / 198 / 250, DSD:OFF / 150[Hz])

Tuner Features
Preset - FM18 / MW6 / LW6
RDS / EON - Yes

Panel Design
Panel Finish Color - Monochrome(2 tone)
Key Illumination - Yes(White)
Display Device (LCD / FL / OEL / TFT) OEL(with acryl)
Display Color (Color Variation / Negative or Positive) Monochrome(2 tone)
USB Shutter - No

iPod Control Feature
iPod Control (Repeat) - No
iPod Control (Shuffle) - No
iPod Control (Pause) - Yes
iPod Control (Resume Play) - depend on iPod
iPod Control (Codec) - depend on iPod
iPod Control (List Browsing) - No
iPod Control (Passenger Control) Yes(Always ON)

Bluetooth Profile
HFP - Yes
A2DP - Yes
OPP - No
SPP - Yes

Bluetooth Feature
Version - 3.0
Secure Simple Pairing - Yes
Speed dial - No
Call History (# of) - No
Last Dialed Call - No
Phonebook Access via PBAP - No
Call History Browse with PBAP - No
MIC GAIN Adjustment - Yes(Low / Mid / High)
External Microphone - Supplied

Bluetooth Audio Feature
Audio Codec - SBC / AAC / LDAC
Pause (Bluetooth Audio) - Yes
CUE / REV - Yes
TRACK + / - - Yes
Audio Level Adjustment - Yes(-6dB - +6dB)
Meta Data Indication - No

USB Mass Storage Device Yes
USB Hub No

USB Mass Storage Device Control Feature
USB Device Control (Repeat) - OFF / TRACK / ALBUM / ALL(Controllable by APP or remote)
USB Device Control (Shuffle) - OFF / ALBUM / DEVICE(Controllable by APP or remote)
USB Device Control (Pause) - Yes
USB Device Control (Resume Play) -Yes(Resume from the start)
USB Device Control (Codec) - MP3 / WMA / WAV / AAC / FLAC / ALAC / AIFF / DSF / DSDIFF
USB Device Control (List Browsing) - Yes(Controllable by APP)
Jump Mode - No

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