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Philips Screeneo

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Philips Screeneo 2.0 Full HD Projector

Product Features
Bluetooth: play your music from all your devices
Flow Motion ensures smooth and crisp projection
Iuminace engine with 2.000 color Iumens and NaturaColor
Connect any devices with HDMI, USB or S/PDIF optical
Integrated Dolby Digital 2.1 speaker with subwoofer
Variable screen 50"-120" (10-42 cm/3,94"-16,5" distance)

Product Specs
Display Technology-DLP
Light source-Philips UHP Image Life Lamp
Lamp type-250 watt
UHP light source-lasts over 10.000 hours
Color wheel segment-6 segments (RGBRGB)
Contrast ratio-150.000:1
Brightness-2.000 color Iumens
Displayable colours-1,07 billions
Resolution-1920 x 1080 pixel
Wall colour correction-Yes

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