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Mongoose M25

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3 Star Rated Transponder tag Immobiliser System

Mongoose M25 3 Star Rated Transponder tag Immobiliser System

The M25 automatically immobilises the engine 30 seconds after you turn the ignition off. A dash board mounted LED warning light tells anyone your security system is armed and your vehucle protected ! To deactivate, simply place your coded tag near the transponder receiverand then start your engine! The transponders' receiver can be hidden and mounted anywhere in the vehicle (usually around the ignition switch) to make it covert in operation - next to impossible for a thief to find or bypass. Certified to AS/NZS4601 amendment 1 2003 Immobiliser Standard. Upgrade Your Existing Alarm System.

The M25 is an ideal immobiliser to add to any alarm system to add enhanced security especially if your vehicle is high risk.

Automatic three circuit engine immobiliser
All black wiring
4 digit PIN coded override
2 Proximity transponder tags (Up to 4 tags may be used)
Dash mounted LED
Loop receiver antenna
Audible confirmation
3 year warranty

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