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Furman Elite-10 E

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AC Power Conditioner

When employing the Elite-10 E i, you will notice far clearer, stunningly focused sound and visual images from your system. Video presentation will be crisp and colours true with greater gray and black scale definition, as well as noticeably improved depth and clarity. Many of the technological advances previously available only in our flagship Reference Conditioners are cornerstones of the Elite series. Now everyone can reap the benefits of unrivalled power purification and unequalled surge protection. Current rating: Input - 10 amp capacity required Output - 10 amps RMS (maximum, all outlets combined - continuous) > 40 dB from 10kHz. - 100kHz > 80 dB from 2 kHz 0 100 kHz. – 1 GHz. 4 linearly filtered outlets with additional ultrasonic filtering for digital or video components Transient Voltage Surge Suppression: 230VAC Line (Series Multi-Stage Protection, non-sacrifictial with Zero Ground Contamination, 266V peak clamping @ 6000V 3000A input) Cable / Satellite (less than .1dB insertion loss) Dimensions: 54.6mm H x 431.79mm W x 374.65mm D Weight: 5 kg. Power Consumption: 6 Watts for display and control circuits independent of actual load

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