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FireStone Audio Spitfire HD

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Spitfire HD Muiltiple input DAC

Firestone Audio now abbreviated to FSA has a brand new product from the FireCute Series called Spitfire HD Mutiple input DAC

Spitfire HD adopts a new digital input interface that includes USB, Coaxial and Optical .Users can select the source switch that is next to the power switch.Digital Support Format has been increased. Coaxial and Optical goes up to192kHz/24bit and USB is reaches to 96kHz/24bit.

Use Spitfire HD to upgrade the sound source from Computer/CD/DVD player Sonus, Apple,TV or any other audio source in order to enhance the sound quality.

Virtual Ground power supply, switching power supply

Power Structure
Virtual-ground power supply,switching power supply
Circuit Proptect
Output short/over current protect
Support Format
S/PDIF 24 -bit,32kHz~192kHz
USB 24 bit,44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz
Power input:Dual supply *1
DC Jack(2.0mm(*1
S/PDIF Input coaxialjack*1 Optical jack*1
USB Interface:B-type USB Jack*1
Analog output:RCA Jack*1
USB decoder:Tenor- TE7022L
Digital Receiver:AKM-AK4113
D/A Converter:TI-PCM1798
LPF-OPAmp :NS-LM4562
Audio performance(Coaxialin,line out,24-bit/48kHz
Frequency response(40Hz~15kHz:+0.03dB~-0.01dB
Noise level:117.1dB
Dynamic range:117.1dB
Stereo crosstalk:-116.3 dB

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