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FireStone Audio Korora

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MM/MC Phono Amplifier (Firecute series)


Amplifier Structure - MM / MC RIAA amplifier
Power Structure - Built in Battery and Virtual-Ground power supply
Gain Control - 51dB / 54dB / 58dB / 69dB selectable
Input Impedence - 220pF / 10ohm / 43ohm / 100ohm / 47Kohm / Opiton
Circuit Protect - Output short / over current protect
Circuit Protect - Over current protect
Main OPAmp - TI = OP27G, TI - OPA277

Housing dimensions - 117 x 80 x 50 mm (D x W x H). Housing only without parts 'sticking out' like volume buttons, connector parts, etc.

Weight : 375 gram (without external power supply)


Line Input : 1 of RCA jack

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