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FireStone Audio FR-X001

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Firecute mini rack - Holds two units say DAC & Amp (FireRock series)


The ideal solution to hold your cute series in 1 single solid package.
This rack system can hold up to 3 cute units, 2 pcs fixed + 1 on top (loose).
Up to 2 Cute series can be placed fixed (locked) in one FR-X001 rack, so your cabling will not move your equipment anymore.

Cute series cubicles can be placed loose or fixed with the help of rubber lockers. (only for the 2 middle compartments)
Firestone Audio brand and logo are high-quality emblazoned on each shelf.
Shelves are made of rigid steel
The legs and columns are made of light weight aluminium.
Comes as flat package and can be assembled by user.
The FR-X001 system is expandable by placing 2 system on top of each other = 4 units in 1 rack (+1 on top if you wish)
Dimensions : 110 x 127 x 143 mm (D x W x H). (without units placed on rack)
Weight : 1175 gram
A great Mini rack solution of the same great quality that you are used from your Firestone Audio Cute series.

Please note, this "rack" is specifically designed for the Firestone Audio Fubar, Spitfire and Cute series of mini solutions

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