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FireStone Audio Beyond HD

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Pure class headphone Amplifier RCA input (Firecute series)

The Beyond HD is a Pure Class-A Headphone Amplifier with low noise and low distortion features. Adopting both Series (high linearity) and Shunt Types (low noise) can let the users select their ideal type of volume control. Using Japan ALPS VR with stable and durable features and owning high awareness. BeyondHD can easily make you enjoy high-quality and awesome sound.

This headphone amplifier will bring your sounds alive into your headphones.


Power Structure: Virtual-Ground power supply
Circuit Protect: Output short / Over current protect
Amplifier Structure: Coupling capacitor less, Single-End with Class-A
Gain Control: High / Low (attenuation 15dB)
Volume Control: Series / Shunt mode selectable
Headphone Impendence: 32 ohm to 600 ohm

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