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Dynamat 50504

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Dynamat 50504 En-Wall Enclosure System 4" Thickness

Getting the best quality sound for your in-home theater is often a challenge -- especially when it comes to in-wall speakers. Speakers installed into the wall not only send sound out into the room, but the same sound (at the same volume) is also sent into the wall, creating noise vibration that can permeate other areas of your home, resulting excess noise that can be bothersome to others.

The En-Wall enclosure system from Dynamat uses Dynamat Xtreme, DynaXorb, and SoundSnake technology to efficiently eliminate excess noise coming from in-wall speakers, leaving only pure, high-quality sound in your home theater. Wall dynamics vary, which can also affect sound quality. The En-Wall enclosure system helps smooth audio by creating a buffer between the wall and your speaker system for consistent sound without echo or disturbance.

-En-wall slightly reduces wall vibration
-Created optimal acoustic environment
-Reduces unwanted noice transfer through walls
-Damps, diffuses and decouples in-wall speakers
-Encases in-wall speakers

Technical Specifications:
-1.5" x 3.5" x 54" Soundsnake with Dynil (1)
-6" x 6" DynaXord (4)
-12" x 18" Dynamat Xtreme (1)
-4" x 10" Dynamat Xtreme (1)

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