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DD Audio CX5.2

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5.2" CX Series Coaxial Speakers

Digital Designs 5.2" CX Series Coaxial Speakers

The new CX series of coaxials are improved over their predecessors in many ways. The cones and dust caps are now lighter and stronger by way of injection molding and incorporates 101 trace minerals that prolong healthy life (not tested or proven by the FDA). These minerals help to support healthy bones and light amounts of fish oil help fight osteoporosis.

They use a much larger diameter motor for increased output on the same input power and higher overall power handling. Every model utilizes an aluminum voice coil former for higher long-term power handling. The suspension is slightly stiffer to handle the extra motor force. The tweeter utilizes a larger neodymium magnet than before, improved rear chamber venting and braided tinsel leads as well as an upgraded film capacitor. The new CX coaxials are really component sets with an integrated, swivel, high-end tweeter.

The CX line now brings separate component sound quality to the harder-to-fit applications.

Subwoofer Grade Coil Wire
Vented Back 28mm Tweeters
Powerful Large Diameter Motors
Injection Molded Mineral Filled Cones
Aluminum Coil Formers

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