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Cavus HE3TB

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Swivel Wall Mount for HEOS, SONO, BOSE

Conveniently mount your HEOS 3 speaker to the wall. The sound from a speaker is directional so it will be best reproduced when angled towards you. This wall mount will allow exact speaker placement using it’s swivel and tilt function, even when you would like to place the speaker in a corner for a stereo setup. Our design will support the speaker in 2 places to allow exact placement and even distribution of the weight of the speaker. This wall bracket is manufactured using high quality 3mm steel and can easily support a weight of 5.71 lb (2.6 kg). It is finished with a durable powder coating in black or white which will easily blend into any interior.

Suitable for: HEOS, SONO, BOSE

Technical specifications:
Speaker can be mounted in horizontal and vertical position.

Max Swivel: 45° to -45°

Tilt : +12° up, -32° down

Distance to the wall: 70mm

Material:High Quality Steel 3mm thickness, Black or White powder coat Finish

Mounting Hardware:Wall bracket comes with all necessary mounting hardware

Note: This product is available in black or white please specify what color is required.

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