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CTEK 8 Stage Charger 12v

The MXS 25 is the perfect choice for batteries that require quick charging, including caravans, boats and the workshop. The temperature sensor adjusts the charge voltage to suit the battery's temperature to guarantee effective battery charging in all climates.

Using its SUPPLY mode, the battery charger provides power even without a battery. The SUPPLY mode is indispensable when changing the battery as you avoid losing difficult-to-restore program settings. Using RECOND mode, you can correct the acid stratification that often occurs in deeply discharged batteries. The battery thereby has its power restored and has a longer service life.


Eight step, fully automatic switch mode model.
Revives, charges, checks and maintains virtually all types of 12V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, GEL and AGM) from 50Ah to 500Ah.
Desulphation mode with pulses.
Soft start for severely discharged batteries.
Recondition mode with controlled top charging recovers the capacity of a severely discharged battery.
Maintenance pulse charging increases battery life and gives superb performance.
Supply mode for use as a power pack, battery backup (UPS) or float maintenance.
Charges even drained batteries.
Temperature compensated for optimal charging voltage at all times.
Low back current drain, low ripple and input voltage independent (170-260V).
High efficiency: 85%
The charger can be connected for months, ideal for seasonal vehicles.
Compact design with mounting holes for permanent assembly.
2 year warranty.


The MXS 25 charges and analyses in eight fully automatic steps.

Desulphation, runs a complete charge cycle within a fraction of a second. The cycle repeats during the whole desulphation phase. Every cycle recovers some lead sulphate into useful material.

Soft Start tests the battery condition. Severely discharged batteries need the soft start step. The charging continues for a maximum 4 hours until the voltage reaches 12V.

Bulk, is the main step where most of the charge is returned (80%). The charger delivers maximum current (25A) until the battery voltage has risen to the set level (or for max 20 hours).

Absorption, completes the charge up to 100% at a constant voltage (14.4V at 25C). Concludes when the current drops below 3A, and a further 4 hours of forming.

Analysis, is a short intermission in the charge cycle where the charger analyses the voltage drop and tests the self-discharge. The voltage of a defective battery will quickly drop. The charge cycle will be stopped with a warning indication if voltage drops to 25.2V in 2 minutes.

Recond is used to recover severely discharged flooded batteries and for reconditioning severely discharged batteries suffering from stratification. The voltage increases (to max 15.9V) with reduced current (5A) for a limited time period (depending on the charge level of the battery at start). The higher voltage starts some gassing and mixing of the acid, which is beneficial for both battery capacity and expected life. The battery could emit explosive gas during this step.

Float is maintenance charge at constant voltage, keeping the batteries at 100% charge. In normal charging mode, float is time-limited (max 10 days) while supply mode goes on indefinitely.

Pulse, maintenance charge. The state of charge varies between 95% and 100%. A pulse is sent out to the battery if the voltage drops. This keeps the battery in trim when not in use. The charger can be connected for months at a time.

Using the MXS 25 gives your battery an optimum service life and operational reliability.


The MXS 25 can be set very easily to charge different types of lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, GEL and AGM) and conditions. You will find an explanation of the various battery types under Charger University, Battery Types.

The MXS 25 charges a wide range of battery sizes, from 50Ah to 500Ah.


NORMAL : Normal setting for wet batteries, MF and for most Gel batteries. A somewhat lower charge voltage may be preferable for some GEL batteries.

SUPPLY ; In this mode, the charger delivers a constant voltage. This is the best maintenance mode for applications where maximum capacity from the battery is important. The MXS 25 could also be used as a power supply without a battery attached in this setting. No counter voltage is necessary to start the charger in this mode. Note that the charger is not spark free in this mode.

RECOND: This mode is used to recover severely discharged batteries where you might expect stratified acid (high acid weight at the bottom, low on top). Use this mode with care, as the high voltage may cause some water loss. 16V is normally no problem for electronics in 12V systems, although maximum effect and minimum risk for electronics is achieved by disconnecting the battery.



60 2
100 3
225 7
500 16

CTEK Chargers the worlds smartest chargers are crafted with leading Scandinavian technology and design - with superior product attritutes such as their easy to use, functionality, durability and excellence in quality, CTEK Chargers are the premier battery charger. They charge wet cell, Gel, AGM, Calcium and Maintenance Free batteries without any user intervention, can be left connected to the batteries for long periods of time, as well as have a range of terminal connection options. CTEK really are market leaders not followers with the DC / DC mobile charging system D250S.

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