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Brateck PRS100M

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Brateck 100 Inch 4:3 Standard Auto-lock Manual Projector Screen

Product Description:

Brateck 100 Inch 4:3 Standard Auto-lock Manual Projector Screen
The Auto-lock Manual Projection Screen PSBC100 is perfect for education, commercial presentations or residential home cinema. This auto-locking system with dual wall and ceiling installation design provide variable height settings in any position. The screen lanyard for easy operation included – allows screen’s pull down the handle to be reached from high areas. Black-backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior colour reproduction. Standard 4-side black masking borders. Fibreglass matte white screen material with 1.2 gain and 120 degrees viewing angle is durable and easy to clean. Optional grey matte white fabric (0.8 gain, 160 degrees viewing angle). The projection area of this 100’’ screen is 2.00x1.50M.
• Suitable for home cinema/office/club/events/presentations
• Self locking to provide various height settings
• Manual projection screen
• High quality professional screen material (matte white)
• Assembled ready to install
• 180 degree viewing angle
• Suitable for nearly all CRT, DLP, LCD, OHP and film projectors
• Gain factor optimised for HDTV
• Black edges/borders
• 100% light impervious black backing material
• Auto-level-lock system
• Installation on wall or ceiling
• Grade: Standard Series
• Screen Type: Auto-lock manual projection screen
• Installation: Wall & ceiling installation
• Case Length (L): 218.4cm
• Case Shape: Sector shape
• Screen Material: Fiberglass screen
• Gain: 1.0
• Viewing Angle: 160 degree
• Maintenance: Easy to clean
• Ratio: 4:3
• Diagonal: 100"
• Viewing Size (W*H): 2X1.5M
• Top Border (B1): 6cm
• Bottom Border (B2): 4cm
• Side Border (B3): 3cm

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