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Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless

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Bowers & Wilkins | Over-Ear Headphones P7

Like their wired siblings, P7 Wireless utilizes B&W bespoke acoustic technologies to deliver pristine audio on the move.

A class leading 17 hours of listening between charges. You can charge them from your laptop with the supplied USB cable.

The P7 Wireless also features and ingenious folding mechanism and comes with a luxury case for ease of portability. The P7 Wireless driver diaphragm borrows key technologies from B&W advanced speaker design, resulting in more precise, controlled movement and a leap forward in headphone sound quality. The P7 Wireless is crafted from the finest materials, including aluminum and sheepskin leather, not just for performance but also luxury and durability Superlative sound The Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7s employ a brand new kind of headphone driver with a diaphragm focussed purely on the job its supposed to do generating sound.

This results in a drive unit with a more precise, controlled movement a giant leap forward in sound quality. Performance and design Sound performance with the Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7 is a revelation, delivering a wonderful sense of space, balance and clarity across the entire frequency range. The over-ear design and snugly-fitting ear pads also ensure a totally immersive and exhilarating experience. Removable ear pads The Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7s pure leather ear pads are held in place with an inventive set of magnets. This allows them to be detached for easy cleaning or replacement should they become damaged or after extended use.

Why buy a new set of headphones when all you need is clean or new ear pads? Clever yet extremely practical. Swappable cables The Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7s cable comes with a remote/microphone attachment, so it works seamlessly with your iPhone.

Because the cable is so easy to detach and swap, the P7s are also compatible with all other mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other MP3 players. The ultimate in sound on all devices. Foldable design Thanks to an intelligent new folding mechanism using a highly durable stainless steel hinge, the P7s fold as easily as a pair of sunglasses. Perfect for storage and portability, it means you can take your P7s wherever you go, always enjoying an incredible and totally immersive sound experience.

Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7 Technology Damping Material Damping material inside the speaker enclosure helps control and dampen internal reflections, further reducing coloration and distortion of sound.

Metal End-plates Embossed brushed aluminum ovals signifying Bowers & Wilkins stamp of quality and attention to detail are placed on each ear-pad. Understated yet definitive, a mark of distinction. Speaker-like Drive Units The internal speaker baskets are perforated with air vents covered with a restrictive film allowing for precise control of the air-flow, resulting in a more uniform movement. Leather The over-ear design and snugly-fitting ear pads ensure P7 completely envelops you in sound, the genuine sheepskin leather making for uncompromising quality, fit and feel.

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