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Alpine UTE-62EBT

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The UTE-62EBT combines all the cool features and functions such as opening message customisation, a 3-way crossover, professional sound equalisation and even digital time correction with the latest Bluetooth technology. Its Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready for a perfect install in almost any vehicle. If your car is equipped with a start-stop engine, this Head Unit is even more interesting for you, since it will keep playing when your engine stops at a crossroad. You can even adjust the button and display illumination colour separately with a stunning 150.000 colour variations. GENERAL AUX: on Front Display type: LCD 13 segments Illumination color: Variable RGB color Dimmer Auto/Manual Dimmer level adjustment 4 level Clock display while unit "OFF BT connection USB BT pairing (iOS only) Tune-It Remote control ready Steering remote ready Voice dial on SWRC OEM sub display ready Opening logo screen support Sound Fade-In (while changing to other source) iPod/iPhone Support USB mass storage: (Front)(1A) Power "ON" while ACC "OFF AUDIO Bass level control Treble level control Preset EQ 10 types P-EQ 9 Band Media Expander (MX) Time correction (TCR) 6 Channel High Pass filter (HPF) Low Pass filter (LPF) X-Over: 2-Way/ 3-Way Pre-out: 3 Ways (Front/ Rear/ Sub) Pre-out voltage 4 voltage Sub woofer phase Subwoofer level TUNE-IT Sound APP SNS APP USB TAG display USB support file : MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC BASS ENGINE SQ Pattern Standard (comes with unit) Punch Rich Mid Bass Low Bass Bass Engine SQ 6 level Illumination blink on Bass Engine SQ mode TUNER Preset station: FM 2 x 6 stations AM 1 x 6 stations Local/ DX selectable Channel EQ iPOD Search Playlist Artist Album Song Podcast Genre Composer Audiobook Alphabet Search BLUETOOTH AUDIO Play / Pause button support Forward/Backward Folder up /down Music search BLUETOOTH HFP Auto connect Phonebook alphabet Search Phone battery level indicator Phone signal strength indicator Max paring device: 5 Devices Max phonebook number: 1000 contracts Voice dial Preset dial Speaker selectable Switch HU - Mobile phone Phone list

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