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Alpine RUE-M1RF

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RF Remote Control For Marine Applications

Attention boaters! Say hello to the Alpine marine remote control kit, RUE-M1RF. The RUE-M1RF is compatible with Alpine head unit that offers the steering wheel remote-control ready feature. The remote included in this kit floats and is water resistant, so channel surfers can take command on the high seas.

Marine Ready
- Compatible with all Alpine Marine Head Units
- Water Resistant Design
- RF remote works up to 100 Feet away from the unit
- Kit comes with remote and interface unit
- Multiple Commanders can be used together in one system
- IP67 Water Immersion Protection Certified
- Salt / Fog (ASTM B117) Certified
- UV (ASTM G154 / D4329) Certified
Extended Operation
Previous remotes mostly used infrared (IR) designs, which made them poorly suited for the outdoor boating environment because sun reflection interferes with the IR remote eye. The new Alpine marine remote system uses RF (radio frequency) technology to avoid this problem. Now you can control your system with the remote from up to 100 feet away!
Included in the Kit
The RUE-M1RF kit comes with one remote and an RF receiver that plugs into the steering wheel remote control jack. Additional single remotes may be purchased separately, if needed (model RUE-M1EX).
Extra Features
The RUE-M1RF remote comes with a cup that the remote can clip into to prevent it from getting tossed overboard in rough waters. You can also string the remote through a lanyard and hang it up to prevent loss. And if you want, you can also program as many as eight remotes to work with the same head unit.

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