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Acoustic Research IR-52M

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AR Invizibo In-Wall Speaker

YOUR AESTHETICS AR’S IMPECCABLE SOUND As the name suggests, our new Invizibo Series speakers are painstakingly designed to deliver AR’s legendary listening experience, yet without intruding on your home’s décor. It’s movies and music, made Invizibo . VIRTUALLY INVIZIBO Neutral, soft-white finished frame and fine perforated grille blends imperceptibly into any room’s wall surface. Simply paint to match, hide behind fabric accents, or install behind a perforated theatre projection screen for a chic and stealthy home theatre. LIFELIKE MOVIES AND MUSIC AWAITS YOU Light, yet with extreme rigidity, our new Kevlar woofer cones’ skin delivers clear and natural low distortion mid-range sound even during high volume play. Meanwhile AR’s silk dome tweeters utilize titanium-fibre thread to help produce outstanding highs with precise imaging. Not your typical “in-wall” speakers. NOT JUST “EASY” INSTALLATION … THE EASIEST Each Invizibo models’ custom AR crossover ensures highfidelity, high-output and low-distortion merge as one. Along with our high-tech cones, AR’s typically oversized woofer “motors” combine both power-handling and efficiency needed for today’s multichannel systems. SPECIFICATIONS: - MODEL IR52 - 2-WAY DESIGN Carbon Fiber cone woofer/silk and aluminium dome tweeter - TWEETER 1 x 25 mm - MIDRANGE / WOOFER 2 x 5.25" woofer - SENSITIVITY 90dB - MAXIMUM POWER 110W - IMPEDANCE 8Ω - RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER POWER 80 W - FREQUENCY RESPONSE ± 3DB 55Hz-20kHz - SPECIAL APPLICATION Adjustable frame - DIMENSIONS (L x W x D) 381 x 275 x 155 mm - MOUNTING DIMENSIONS (L x W x D) 351 x 245 x 148 mm - NET WEIGHT 2.9 kg

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