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Control other devices with your AVS remote by adding the RXPRO receiver
The AVS RXPRO receiver is a clever add-on module that has a number of different functions:

Control other devices via your AVS remote
With the addition of the AVS RXPRO receiver your AVS remote can control many common devices including opening/closing your garage door or arming/disarming your house alarm. This feature works off the garage door icon on the AVS Waterproof remote that comes standard with the AVS S-series (S5, S4, S3) and the A4. Older alarms such as the AVS 9000 and 4601 alarms (and older version S-Series alarms) can be upgraded to this remote. It is not available with the AVS 3010 range.

Add wireless sensors to any alarm
The RXPRO can also be used to add wireless sensors to any AVS alarm. This includes:

* Wireless PIR Sensor - for protecting large spaces such as the inside of vans or trucks
* Wireless Reed Switch - for protecting ute canopies

Control up to 4 channels with the RXPRO remote
Another great feature is the ability to control up to 4 channels by using the RXPRO's 4-button remote (included). This allows you to add wireless remote control to air bag or hydro suspension (front/rear up and down) or remote door pop on all four doors. Perfect for that bagged and shaved ride!

It is available as an upgrade on all current AVS alarms except the AVS 3010 range.

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