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Commercial Grade Reversing Sensor System

A robust, commercial, heavy duty parking sensor set for 12-24 volt commercial vehicles including trucks.

The AVS Safety Range now includes a commercial grade reversing sensor system specifically designed for trucks and other commercial vehicles.
The system includes four waterproof resin filled sensors with surface mount housing allowing for a trouble free installation on metal bumpers. The waterproof, resin filled control module can be mounted under the truck tray.
An LED display is mounted in the cabin of the truck which includes an escalating audio buzzer warning. The display has a light bar for each sensor giving accurate feedback to the driver. The system is suitable for any commercial vehicle 12-24 volts.

The commercial grade AVS RS4R-HD system includes:
- Commercial grade reversing sensor system suitable for 12-24 volt vehicles
- 4 waterproof resin filled black ultrasonic sensors with surface mount housing suitable for mounting on metal bumpers
- Waterproof resin filled control module which can be mounted under the truck tray
- Waterproof locking connectors
- LED display with escalating visual warning – each sensor is allocated its own light bar giving accurate feedback to the driver
- Escalating buzzer audio warning is included in the LED display
- The LED display is on a 15 meter cable with waterproof connectors suitable for long trucks
- The sensors will automatically come on when the vehicle is put in reverse
- One year warranty when professionally installed

Note: parking sensors are an aid only and may not detect all possible objects. The warning distance varies depending on the vehicle and type of object. Normal driving precautions should always be used even with parking sensors fitted.

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