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AVS S3 24-volt Three Star immobiliser system

The AVS 24 volt S3 is an immobiliser only system with triple immobilisation. It does not have a siren or sensors. The three points of immobilisation which will help keep the vehicle secure. Plus it includes seamless turbo timer integration and the option to operate the alarm from your car’s factory key. This system can also be upgraded to the AVS 24 volt S-Series car alarms. Operation Two waterproof AVS rolling code remotes Use the popular waterproof AVS remotes to arm/disarm your immobiliser and lock/unlock the doors. Because remotes get the most wear and tear of any part of the alarm choosing a system with robust, reliable, and in this case waterproof remotes, makes a big difference to how well the system functions. Plus only with AVS do you get a 3-year warranty on your remotes. Central locking The system can lock/unlock the doors when the immobiliser is armed/disarmed for easy keyless entry. Or control the immobiliser with your car’s factory key If you have a factory key with a lock/unlock button with most vehicles you can arm/disarm the AVS system at the same time. Boot release will also disarm and open the boot. This is a great feature giving all the functionality of a premium alarm system with ease of use. Turbo timer integration Enjoy seamless integration with turbo vehicles. The system can be armed while the car runs on a timer. If the alarm is triggered the car shuts down and the alarm sounds. There are two options: AVS turbo timer – the most secure option is to use the system’s in-built turbo timer. Choose a run time of 1, 2 or 4 minutes. The timer can also be shut down via the AVS remote. Turbo timer interface – link the system up with an external turbo timer allowing the system to be armed while the car runs on the timer. Immobilisation The 24 volt AVS S3 immobiliser includes three immobiliser circuits. For maximum security fuel pump, ignition system and starter motor immobiliser cuts are made so the car cannot be started unless it is disarmed via the remote. The system will immobilise 40 seconds after the ignition is turned off or when the system is armed. Note: it is not possible to install all three immobiliser circuits on diesel vehicles. Other features -Red LED warning light -Upgradable to the AVS 24 volt S5 Five Star car alarm or AVS 24 volt Four Star car alarm -Various programmable options -Certified to AS/NZS 4601.1999 Rev A (Three Star immobiliser) -24 volt PIR sensor available as an optional upgrade to protect the rear of vans and trucks

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