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Panasonic RP-BTS55E-K

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Sport Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Aim Higher; Take Flight with Wings
BTS55 Bluetooth headphones bring you wireless playback of dynamic sound. They have IPX5 water resistance and a sweat proof structure. Snug against the ear no matter how much you move, they offer a stable fit and the comfort of wireless playback.

3D-Flex sport clips, Quick-fit adjuster and Canal design
The hook portion that wraps around the ear can be freely bent, providing a comfortable and optimal fit. Once you have set them to the shape of your ears, the 3D-Flex clips remember that shape and fit snugly on your ears even during exercise. The BTS55 headphones have a perfect ear-fitting structure, so you can enjoy sports with your favorite music no matter how intensely you move.

Train In Style, Even After Dark with Blue Edge LED illumination
Switch on the blue LEDs along the edge of the headphones when jogging or training after dark to make a statement and train in style.

weat Proof; IPX5 Water Resistant
With an IPX5 rating for water resistance and sweat proof structure, BTS55 headphones are a reliable partner during workouts.
No sweat or water can penetrate the headphones thanks to the shape of the USB cover, which has been designed to shut tightly without any gaps, and the water-repellent coating on the internal structure.
BTS55 will keep the sound flowing come rain or sweat while you focus on getting fit.

Short Charge, Long-Time Use; Quick charge compatible
The BTS55 headphones can be used for up to 70 minutes after just 15 minutes of charging. Even if you forget to charge them, after a short wait they are ready to be used for an extended period. When fully charged, they provide 6 hours of playback.

Robust Bass; Focus on your training with dynamic sound to pep you up
BTS55 headphones feature 9mm drivers offering robust bass that let you enjoy the power of the sharp beat. They are compatible with AAC codec which allows you to listen to music wirelessly in higher quality than offered from the standard Bluetooth codec.
The flat cable routed behind the ear, significantly reduces touch noise, enabling sharp, clear sounds to be produced.
With a sound that sharpens your mood, BTS55 headphones will drive you through your workout.

Smart Control With Your Voice; Voice Assistant Activation
You can launch smartphone voice function such as Siri* via the remote control button. This enables you to select music, adjust the volume, and make phone calls, without having to get your smartphone out, meaning you can stay motivated and focus on your exercise.

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