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Sony FWD65X95G

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65" BRAVIA 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Professional Display

Impressive 4K HDR images and powerful sound plus slim, sleek styling

Bring truly spectacular presence to all your visual communication with the FWD-65X95G 65" BRAVIA Professional Display that combines bright, beautiful 4K HDR image quality with easy operation, flexible networking/control and extensive integration options.

Optimised for professional applications, BRAVIA FWD-65X95G harnesses the unmatched power of our X1™ Ultimate picture processor, X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO and Full-Array Local Dimming for breathtaking high-contrast 4K HDR images, while 4K X-Reality PRO upscales lower-resolution images closer to true 4K quality.

The display's clean, minimal design keeps your audience focused on what really matters. Sony's Acoustic Multi-Audio™ system includes a powerful bass reflex speaker and additional sound positioning tweeters for an immersive, precisely aligned audio-visual experience.

It's easy to create attractive digital signage, mixing media files and online content with no need for additional player hardware. There's also a wide range of APIs (Application Programming Interface) options to enable remote control/monitoring and integration with external systems.

Android TV makes your professional display experience even smarter, allowing you to search apps and content with easy hands-free voice searches.
Integration in corporate environments is simplified by Pro mode that allows easy customisation of display settings to suit different applications.

4K image resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
4K offers four times the detail of Full HD, with a resolution of over 8 million pixels bringing extra clarity to corporate display, education and digital signage applications.

Spectacularly lifelike 4K HDR images
Our most powerful ever Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate features Object-based Super Resolution, Object-based HDR remaster and Super Bit Mapping™ 4K HDR for exceptionally detailed, realistic pictures with rich colour and ultra-low noise.

Impressive HDR contrast with X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO
Enabling up to six times the contrast of conventional LED TVs, X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO reproduces HDR images with brighter, sparkling highlights and deep, dark blacks.

More colour at any angle with TRILUMINOS Display
TRILUMINOS Display maps colours from a wider palette, faithfully reproducing a world of richer, more lifelike hues and tones.

Every movement beautifully clear
X-Motion Clarity™ keeps fast action smooth and clear, with moving images precisely controlled to minimise blur. Even during high speed scenes, pictures stay true with no loss in brightness.

Optimised for professional use
The FWD-65X95G meets the needs of today's business and educational environments, with flexible installation options plus wired or wireless network connection and serial communication control.

Easily create digital signage
Integrated support for HTML5 makes it easy to produce compelling digital signage, with no extra hardware or prior training needed. Combine graphics, text, 4K video and live web content to create attractive signage in minutes.

Pictures and sound in perfect harmony
Sony's Acoustic Multi-Audio™ system adds two sound positioning tweeters in the rear of the display to the bass reflex speakers, creating Sound-from-Picture Reality™ with precisely alinged action and sound.

Do more with Android TV
Discover a world of apps and online content powered by Android TV. Use Voice Search to find content easily with no typing.


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