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Acoustic Research AR-IC82

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AR Invizibo In-ceiling/Wall Speaker

INVIZIBO SERIES, YOUR AESTHETICS, AR’S IMPECCABLE SOUND... As the name suggests, our new Invizibo Series speakers are painstakingly designed to deliver AR’s legendary listening experience, yet without intruding on your home’s décor. It’s movies and music, made Invizibo. Each Invizibo models’ custom AR crossover ensures high-fidelity, high-output and low-distortion merge as one. Along with our high-tech cones, AR’s typically oversized woofer “motors” combine both power-handling and efficiency needed for today’s multichannel systems. NOT JUST “EASY” INSTALLATION … THE EASIEST Nothing wimpy in these speakers. AR’s robust injection-molded mounting lock system kills vibration and allows quick, trouble-free installation in standard walls. THANKFULLY, AR DELIVERS DYNAMIC POWER AND LOW DISTORTION AUDIO ANYWHERE. Here’s how -- firstly, AR’s Invizibo family includes five different In-Wall models, plus two innovative In-Ceiling speakers, all perfect for the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound systems. We’ll help you find the perfect speaker for every location, and of course AR offers a wide array of subwoofers perfectly mated to the Invizibo line. Because every spot in your home has a unique high frequency (HF) profile, our crossover designs allow specially tailored HF attenuation to mitigate harsh room response. With 0db (flat), -3DB, and -6db settings you get simple room correction at the source. Make every seat a “sweet spot”. Our unique Invizibo In-Ceiling speakers feature woofers angled a subtle but critical 15°. The woofers are coupled with advanced co-axial 36° swiveling tweeters to allow fine-tuned multi-channel imaging anywhere they’re installed. Accurate, powerful and immersive audio has been AR’s trademark for 60 years. Invizibo brings these legacy speakers that are practically invisible as well. Specifications: - 2-WAY DESIGN Kevlar cone/silk dome tweeter - TWEETER 1 x 25 mm - MIDRANGE/WOOFER 1 x 8" woofer - SENSITIVITY 92dB - MAXIMUM POWER 160W - IMPEDANCE 8 Ω - RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER POWER 80W - FREQUENCY RESPONSE ± 3DB 100Hz-20kHz SPECIAL APPLICATION - Tweeter direction adjustable/High frequency controller 0/-3/-6dB DIMENSIONS - (Ø x D) Φ289 x 160 mm MOUNTING DIMENSIONS - (Ø x D) Φ265mm x 143 mm - NET WEIGHT 2.8kg

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