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Yamaha PRO 500

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High-Fidelity Premium Over-Ear Headphones

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The PRO 500 headphones deliver a sound so extraordinary - so real, so clear, so enveloping - it makes your pulse run faster and sends shivers down your spine.

It transports you to another time and place.

If You Love Music, Listen to the PROs
As the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer and the leading choice of professionals for studio and concert gear, Yamaha knows better than anyone how to make your music sound its absolute best. Now you can enjoy the Studio Sound experience anywhere you go. PRO Series headphones go beyond just "powerful bass" to authentically reproduce any style of music. From Classic Rock to Hip-Hop, from Latin Jazz to Delta Blues, the PRO Series brings all your music to life. Your collection is waiting...

World-class Audio Quality
The flagship of Yamaha's PRO Series line, the PRO 500 headphones enclose robust 50 mm drivers in high-grade, rigid aluminum alloy earcups to deliver the ultimate sonic experience. The drivers incorporate a new Yamaha-proprietary design featuring neodymium magnets that provide maximum efficiency when used with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other portable music players. The over-ear cup shape offers excellent noise isolation, while the ultra-premium ear cushion materials insure a crisp, clear sound.

Ultra-comfortable and Built to Last
Built to handle the rigors of everyday use without wearing you down, the PRO 500 features an adjustable, reinforced headband with ample padding textured for a pleasant feel. The band is shaped to apply just the right amount of pressure - snug enough to provide noise isolation, yet light enough for long listening sessions. Its ear cushions are extraordinarily soft and smooth, with a feel so natural you'll never want to take it off.

Fuel-injected Design
Drawing inspiration from the world's finest musical instruments and motorcycles, the PRO Series headphones get your heart racing before you even plug them in. Gorgeous geometry and ultra-clean design curves are matched with premium color and finish materials, and emblazoned boldly with Yamaha's iconic tuning-fork marque, conjuring the power and energy of our high-performance supersport bikes.
The PRO 500 is available in Piano Black and Racing Blue.

Versatile, High-performance Connectivity
The PRO 500 comes with two detachable, tangle-resistant flat cables: one in a 4 ft length with an in-line remote/mic, ideal for most mobile applications, and one in a 10 ft length for use in the home. Both cables are made from a material that is durable and designed to reduce "touch noise" transfer effects. The flat construction keeps the internal cores separated to minimize interference and terminates to a low-profile right-angle connector. The PRO 500 offers dual input/output ports, one on each earcup, providing flexible connectivity. A gold-plated 1/4" adapter is included in the box for connecting to professional-grade audio equipment.

Control at Your Fingertips
The 4 ft cable includes an in-line remote/microphone optimized for use with Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. The "+" and "-" buttons control volume for both music and phone calls, while the center button allows you to play/pause music, skip to the next song, skip to the previous song, or answer/end phone calls. The controller buttons provide a tactile click-response, enabling intuitive operation without need for visual reference. For non-Apple devices, control behavior varies due to differences in applications and pin configurations.

Take Your Listening Room With You Engineered to move you and keep you moving, the PRO 500 folds into a compact size for traveling. It also comes with a semi-rigid protective carrying case. Plug it in anywhere and escape to an auditory utopia.

- Ultra-premium drivers, mobile-optimized for maximum efficiency and performance
- Rigid high-grade aluminum alloy earcups Yamaha tuned for the ultimate listening experience 
- Over-ear design for superb noise isolation
- Durable build Adjustable headband and soft ear 
- Compact folding design for easy storage 
- Dual input/output ports for flexible connectivity
- Semi-rigid carrying case 
- Detachable tangle-resistant flat cable (4 ft/1.2 m) with in-line remote/mic optimized for Apple devices
- Detachable tangle-resistant flat cable (10 ft/3 m) Gold-plated 1/4" adapter

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